Believe in YOURSELF

Sometimes we count ourselves out because others have. Sometimes we don’t even get to the place where we truly believe in ourselves! We doubt that we can even scratch the surface of doing or becoming something amazing in the earth.

One thing I want to point out tonight is that if God has given you a specific assignment, that means He believes in YOU and He trusts YOU to complete it. You may try to size yourself up to others and possibly think that God can’t use you! But let me tell you this: He KNOWS exactly what He’s doing and why He’s doing it!

Remember Moses when he thought that God couldn’t possibly want to use someone like him to go and stand before Pharaoh to command that he let the children of Israel go. Moses had a speech impediment and he thought it disqualified him from doing what God called him to do. So what did Moses do? He looked more so at his speech problem and wanted God to use someone else—his brother Aaron.

What about Gideon? That’s another story! I encourage you to read Judges 6.

God sees beyond what we see! We may see ourselves as fearful, timid, or maybe even weak! But when He sees us, He sees way beyond that. He sees the vessel that He desires to use to accomplish a specific task in the earth. I want to encourage you to believe in the very person God believes in—YOU! 😉

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I pray this song encourages you to believe in YOU again!

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