Girl, Get Up!

Life happens to all of us but that doesn’t mean we have to allow what we’re going through to keep us down! Let me tell you of a young woman who battled depression, felt hopeless, had suicidal thoughts and felt like life was over! I, yes I, recall those dark mornings of not wanting to get out of bed. It felt like I was carrying the weight of the world on my shoulder and the heavier it got, the more my feet sank into the ground. I was literally causing myself to be buried under it all instead of rising up and standing on the Word of God. I was losing hope because that’s what I chose to do. I felt like I had no other option but to wallow in that place.

I gave depression permission to visit and it stayed longer than I wanted it to. I became passive, allowing what was happening to be.

I remember getting in my truck one day and just driving. Life was just too much at the time. As I drove down the road, it felt like a wave of “I just don’t care anymore” came over me and I was definitely about to drown in it. I pressed the accelerator and sped down the road and I was “ready”—ready to give it all up. My life! My purpose! My dreams! The promises of God. And to this day, I still don’t know how I ended up on a side street unharmed. SCARY! I texted my friend and explained to her what happened and I knew then, I needed help! I had to stop allowing situations and circumstances to dictate my life.

This is what happens when we become passive and let our guards down. We expose ourselves to the work of the enemy. That’s why we have to guard our hearts and minds. We have to believe God’s word even when our life is in shambles. He is still FAITHFUL TO PERFORM!

I’m sharing my heart with you today because I know God has called you to live an extraordinary life—a life of purpose, a life of hope and abundance in Him! You are here for a reason and you matter! Your life matters! You walking in your identity and purpose matters! What if you stay in “that” place and never try to break free and get free? How is that going to help the people you’re suppose to reach? How is that suppose to help those young girls and women who look up to you? You rising up from your current place could cause you to break generational curses, evoke change in the lives of others, etc. God can still use you but you have to rise up and believe it! So sis, I’m telling you today, “Girl, get up! YOU have work to do!”

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