In the Waiting!

Not that I speak in respect of want: for I have learned, in whatsoever state I am, therewith to be content. I know how to be abased, and I know how to abound: every where and in all things I am instructed both to be full and to be hungry, both to abound and to suffer need. —Philippians 4:11-12

Just how long are you willing to wait until the blessing comes?

I remember on Thursday, June 21st, when it seemed as if my water wasn’t getting as hot as it usually do. On the 22nd, I realized something was wrong. I contacted a repair man and he called and asked me a few questions in reference to the water heater. When I sent him a picture of it, he could tell that it was definitely time for a new one. The water heater had been in the house since it was built, which was in 1995.


I remember walking back into the house with such peace. I could hear the Spirit of the Lord saying, “Remain content until the blessing comes.” If only you could’ve seen the smile on my face. Although I knew I didn’t have the money to replace the water heater, I could see myself making the most of this experience. I could see myself boiling water with such joy and carrying it upstairs. I made up my mind that I wouldn’t allow my situation to control how I respond in faith.

Let me add this, boiling and carrying the water upstairs was time consuming and it made me a little stronger. Lol! It became a workout for me because all of my full baths are upstairs. But I continued on with so much joy knowing that God was working behind the scenes on my behalf!

To add to the peace I already had, on the Sunday of June 24th, my pastor preached from the topic “What to do in this Season.” What made it so interesting is that I prayed that morning and asked God what it is He’d like for me to do in this season?! If only you could’ve seen how my mouth dropped when Pastor gave the title of the message. I was all ears. I was ready to receive what the Spirit of the Lord had to say.

My note to the Lord: Lord, thank You for speaking to me today. I prayed and asked you this morning to show me what to do in this season. This is my season of waiting, being content, and following Your will. You have said, “Don’t go back!” and I won’t. I’ve surrendered and I’m moving forward.

Here are a couple things I sensed the Lord revealing to me:

  • I will provide just as the ravens brought food to Elijah. (1 Kings 17:4-6)
  • Don’t entertain people that you know aren’t supposed to be a part of your journey. (This is something that I have struggled with as a single, so I knew exactly what God was saying.)
“When you trust God, it is easier to be content. Don’t put your hands in it. Sit and wait on God. He just wants you to trust Him.” —Apostle James Alford

Keys from the Message/Finding Contentment in this Season

1. Recognize the roots of discontentment.

2. Change the way you look at things.

3. Set your expectations in Christ.

4. Ask God for His peace and guidance.

I was so eager to share with my Pastor how his message confirmed what God spoke to me days prior. I was ready for the experience.

So just how long are you willing to wait for the blessing?

In regards to this particular situation, I had to wait four weeks. I went home to Mississippi for a week and I only told my grandmother my situation. I didn’t tell the kids about it until we were headed back to Georgia. I explained to them the process that we would have to endure until we were able to get a new water heater. They didn’t fuss or anything. We actually made it work. While I was at my grandmother’s, I saw that she had a big dish pan and I knew that it would be such a big help to us in that it holds more water than the boilers I have. She let me bring it along!

Fast forward! Let me go ahead and testify on how good God is! My first home group meeting was scheduled for July 14th at 4pm. I got a little nervous thinking about the people showing up at my house and finding out that I didn’t have hot water. But here’s the catch! Not only did God move, He was so on time! The repair man informed me that I only needed a down payment and that we could work out a plan for the rest. I was so happy to hear that because after searching on Thumbtack, the contractors wanted ALL of the money during the day of service. God definitely came through. The down payment showed up and the repair man came to my house around noon on the 14th. He was done just before we started the home group meeting. When I say I was glad to share my testimony with those who were in attendance, it was truly a blessing to share with them about how good and faithful God is. And to add to it, our discussion for the meeting was on faith! 

Word of Encouragement: Whatever you’re waiting for God to manifest in your life, begin by trusting Him and remain content during your wait. He is so faithful. Although He doesn’t move when we want Him to, He is always on time. All we have to do is trust Him!

Will you trust Him today?

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