There is NO Me without You! 

There is no me without You, and for so long I thought it was! I was just doing as I pleased and doing it just because!

Because no one stopped me and could lead me to the cross. So I lived life as I wanted, giving up whatever I could and not truly seeing the cost.

The cost of my actions surely had consequences. But I’m so thankful for You and the power of Your redemption. 

You redeemed me from the hand of the enemy, taking me within Your arms. Covering me, sheltering me, from every wile and any possible harm. 

You’re such a great Father, and that’s what I’ve come to know! Not only does Your Word prove it, but Your actions surely show. 

Those actions show how much You care for me, even when I was in my mess. How You conquered death, hell, and the grave and brought me through my test. 

The very test that is now a testimony for all the world to hear. So that many can bow before You in honor and reverential fear. 

There is no me without You and I know it to be true. Without my Creator, there is clearly nothing that I can possibly do? 

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