Remain Faithful 

From my book Precious Life:

I know how hard it is to stay on the right path after you’ve encountered so much pain and hardship. I know how easy it is to want to throw in the towel. When I failed God, I knew I had to get back to the place of worshiping and serving Him. At this time, God gave me the vision to do a Bible drive. The vision came at an odd time since I was receiving disability without full benefits. I had to stretch my money a little. I managed to buy twenty Bibles then—ten New International Versions and ten Amplified Versions. Sometimes we have to use what we got no matter how big or small. I gave those Bibles out to some of my family members, neighbors, and friends. It brought me great joy to do it.

When God gives a vision, we should be ready to work because we know it will be fulfilled.

With the disability check, I continued to pay my tithes faithfully. Sometimes, I would tithe above that 10 percent mark. I was so confident in God, and it felt so good to give back to Him considering all He’d done in my life. God is faithful no matter what. He is true to His promises. “God is not a man, so he does not lie. He is not human, so he does not change his mind. Has he ever spoken and failed to act? Has he ever promised and not carried it through?” (Num. 23: 19 NLT) He’s faithful, so why can’t we be faithful to Him? He’s gone above and beyond for us while we come up short. Even in our unfaithfulness, He still loves us the same. Don’t allow yourself to get off course! Remain faithful. Keep Him first. Don’t allow yourself to get sucked into the enemy’s traps! God loves you more than you know! He’s been faithful to us—why not continue to be faithful to Him? I knew things had to get better; I became optimistic about my future. As I reflected on my life and the things I had gone through, I knew that God had something great in store for me.

Beginning in September 2013, I started recording my dreams in a journal. It’s like God was speaking to me through my dreams. You’d be amazed to know how many of the dreams have come to pass. On January 13, 2014, at 3:51 a.m., I recorded: I was shopping for things for my own house. On February 3, 2014, at 6:14 a.m., I recorded: Driving vehicle in big city with a lot of traffic. When I had each of these dreams, I didn’t have a car, and I was living in a low-income apartment. I know that God is faithful to His promises, and that faithfulness is what I had to hold on to. My life was far from the dreams that He showed me, and I knew there had to be a reason for them. Three days after I had the dream of my driving, I got a vehicle. That dream fulfilled, I moved forward in contacting a Realtor in Georgia to help me find a house. He set me up to get daily email updates of houses in a certain area that met my preferences. Now that I had decided what I was going to do, I gave my parents the news that I was moving. At first, they didn’t like the idea, especially considering all my health concerns. Once they realized I wasn’t backing down, there was nothing else they could do. Two days before my birthday in 2014, I left Mississippi to stay almost a week in Georgia. I had prayed and prayed before I left Mississippi and also during my stay in Georgia. I already knew what I wanted in my future home. I came across a home that just seemed to fit my ideals on a website, so I told the Realtor about it, and he notified the owner. Despite some unsettling news regarding the house, I still knew that this was the house. On my birthday, before meeting with the Realtor, I prayed and asked God that if it was His will for me to have that house, I would get to view it that day, and, if possible, it would be the last house I had to view. I prayed a specific prayer! When I met up with the Realtor, he gave me a booklet of the houses we could look at that day that met my qualifications. I flipped to the last page and saw the house I had asked the Realtor about days before. My face lit up. I was so excited that I didn’t even pay attention to the other three houses we viewed. My mind was already set on that house. When I walked through the door, I knew it would be my new home. I closed on the house on June 13, 2014. At the age of twenty-four, I was officially a homeowner.

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