Broken Pieces…

Over the weekend, I got the chance to go home and visit my family! While there, I noticed so much! I saw how as women, we may not fully understand that we are loved and the notion that we HAVE to have a man to complete us is far from the truth! Jesus is the One who completes us! I shared with a relative my experience with this struggle and how the love of Jesus set me free! 

I wrote this poem based on my past experience and I pray that women all over the world will receive the revelation of God’s love! Even though we may not be able to fully comprehend the depths of His love, I pray that they can just understand that they are worth dying for and that no matter how broken their hearts may be, God desires to make them whole. He desires for them to be in relationship with Him and within His arms of protection! No man can do what Jesus can and Jesus longs to end that cycle of going from man to man and bed to bed seeking something that only He can give! 

True love is found in Jesus! 😊

Broken pieces needing to be put back together again! Running from arm to arm, bed to bed, seeking whom you can call “boyfriend.” Everything seems harmless and good to pursue! Instead of wanting to pray for your soul, he so strongly desires to lie with you. You tell him everything he needs to know about you and you feel safe. All the while you’re unaware of his prison and you give the keys away! Longing to be in the arms of another lover, with thoughts of settling down. But a kiss on the lips from Satan results in your beautiful smile turning into a frown.

Wait I say! Do you not know you’re worth more than that? The blood shed on the cross at Calvary, nothing and no one can match! You were bought at a price that only Jesus could pay! Receive Him into your heart and allow Him to take your pain away! He can heal your heart and set you free! He can show you who He’s predestined you to be! Grab Him by the hand and let Him lead the way! In His arms is where you belong and where He wants you to stay! 

Broken pieces needing to be put back together again! Just give them all to Jesus, let Him ties those loose ends and mend. You were made to shine so bright because He created you in His image and has called you to be a light. So go forth today and receive His love! It’s the purest and most perfect gift that is sent from above! 

Broken pieces needing to be put back together again! Run to Him, give Him your heart and let your beautiful story begin!

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